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Heal. Rebirth. Love Again.

I'm an Intuitive Spiritual Guide integrating conscious movement, meditation, and sacred sounds to support you through life transitions for a glorious awakening to a renewed life.



I'm Dass Shanti

...which means the one that serves the Beloved through peaceful devotion. It is in my essence and purpose to be in eternal discipleship to The Most High through my service to others. A service expressed with the highest and most heartfelt consciousness, purity, and peace.

It's been an arduous journey actualizing this realization but the rewards of my efforts are worth it.

Learn what called me to be in sacred service, and how I can guide you in living a purposeful and fulfilling life.


Areas of Specialty

All programs can be catered to best fit individual, group or corporate needs and may include psychosynthesis, yoga, meditation, sound therapy and other offerings not listed. 

Stress & Anxiety

Kundalini & Integral Yoga

Life Transitions

Meditation & Breathwork

Women's Wellness

Sound Therapy

Complimentary Consultation



What My Clients Say

Since the moment we started working together, I felt a deep sense of connection with Dass Shanti.  The space she provides and holds is always filled with so much respect and love.  I had experience with her a huge growing within myself, not only because of her knowledge on how to coach me, but because, the way she guides the session, she has allowed myself to really see deep within the parts that most needed attention, the parts that needed healing, and even though it was difficult and emotional to remembering the past difficult situations in my life, working around them with her, I felt safe to open up to her because of her loving presence that made me trust her with every session we had together.

I do recommend Dass Shanti for the work of healing, as a coach and because she is a leader in what she does.  She is loving and caring in her sessions, and also honest to the point to bring forth what she sees with the most respect to me, which is what needed to be addressed in that moment, she does it with the sacredness and respect of the space she creates and respect for her clients, and because she truly knows the connection with the Divine that is within all of us, she brings forth that intention in every session, to remember the reason I decided to work with her, that connected us, and for me that is very important.  That is the energy that connects us all.

I truly recommend Dass Shanti - she is the best!

Mariluccie Ovalle Horna

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"When you live a healthy life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, you vibrate on a higher frequency that touches the hearts of those around you, inspiring them to live from their God-given truth." 

 ~ Dass Shanti