About Me


After my father passed, the years that followed were pierced with heart ache.


Born in Washington D.C., and now living in Florida for over 20 years, ​I’m the youngest of four. My parents, born and raised in Colombia, shared the beauty of our culture that piqued my love for travel.


Through this love I came to realize my calling to be in service. I was studying cultural anthropology, and later social work, when my father passed away. His death birthed greater self-awareness but then my struggles began to mount; financial pitfalls, broken relationships, domestic abuse and sexual trauma. My life was falling apart.


Then I found my passion to evolve.


Since I was a little girl I had explored various religions and paths to Spirit, so I knew true change would need a committed path to God. Through deepening this relationship, I learned more about my Self, especially when I turned to Yoga, a vast yet direct path to God.


Yoga, and its many facets continues to enlighten my life.

Already certified as a Kundalini and Integral Yoga Instructor and a Gong Avatar Sound Healer, in 2019 I embarked on a journey for certification as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach, combining my gifts to help others integrate mind and spirit. Through meaningful service, I share the very tools that guide my Sadhana, how I live this life with Spirit. Customizing these tools for individual and group journeys, my intention is to guide others in creating harmony in their lives and cultivate a deeper connection with the Divine along with the splendour that is Life.

At every moment life is changing, may we move through it with grace. May we realize that we are masterful creators, beginning with loving ourself. Only we can determine our own worth, and trust to lean into Love. May we be kind, respectful and honorable, surrendering to the Glory of The Divine.  

May we all experience a glorious awakening, and come to know the love that reigns in our hearts.

Now please, tell me your story!

Education & Certifications

Psychosynthesis Life Coach Training, Psychospiritual Institute (2020)

Gong & Self Mastery Training: Gong Avatar Academy, Miami, FL (2020)

  Member of the International Association of Sound Therapy

Kundalini Yoga Level I Instructor, Kundalini Research Institute (2016)

Kundalini Yoga Level II Mind & Meditation, Kundalini Research Institute (2018)

Integral Yoga Instructor, Skylight Yoga (2018)

  Member Yoga Alliance E-RYT

Bachelor of Science: Social Welfare, Barry University, Miami, FL (2011)

  Minor in Psychology

Associate in Arts: Cultural Anthropology, Miami Dade College, Miami, FL (2009)

E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance.png

My Philosophy

Along my spiritual path I have learned that healing is a lifetime journey. It’s not about the destination, it's about the pauses, steps and leaps including the ones where you fall back; it’s about the journey itself. When I attempt to run toward my goal, I trip. Then when I fall, it’s about how I rise. Ultimately there is no due date or time frame as to when spiritual, emotional and mental growth take place. It's about effort and perseverance. It is an unceasing process of trust and surrender to flow with your intention, your life’s purpose, and God’s grace. 


Growth, of any kind, is painful. To introduce the new, there must be a release of the old. Loss is a natural part of life, yet with loss comes the gain. We create space when we let go for something greater to come through. Sometimes the mind or ego will create fear, suspending you in the comfort zone, even when it's uncomfortable. It takes courage to live a life that resonates with your purpose; a life that is true to your heart. When you live a healthy life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, you vibrate on a higher frequency that touches the hearts of those around you, inspiring them to live from their God-given truth. 


There are countless tools to guide us toward our greatest potential, and toward a connection with The Most High, an Essence greater than this human existence. But, these are only tools, not the cure for your pain and suffering. The most promising healing comes from your dedication and devotion for transformation and growth. One must take responsibility and have the will to heal. Although it is part of my life’s purpose to guide you, to hold you accountable, to show you tools that can assist you, it is truly your sincere efforts to climb over the hills, to walk through the valleys, to wade in the waters of the pains and joys of transformative growth that will unfold into an authentic and fulfilling life. As you heal, you prosper.