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Psychosynthesis is a method that goes deep into the psychology of Being. Birthed by Roberto Assagioli, this method was developed to include all aspects of the Self. It takes the approach that we are more than just physical and mental beings, addressing also the emotional and spiritual facets of our human existence. Within this existence we create and develop various layers to our personality that at times are in conflict with one another, steering us away from our greatest potential to living a life that is authentic and true to our heart.

Incorporating the technologies of western Kundalini and Integral Yoga as part of your psychosynthesis sessions creates a well-rounded program that includes a prescribed method of counseling, pranayam, mantra, meditation and conscious movement that fosters your growth for self-actualization. The benefits listed below are only a fraction of the well-being that these methods can bring into your life.


I intuitively guide you toward creating harmony, using sacred tools that have stood the test of time for millions of others, including myself.


All offerings and rates listed below are one-on-one, yet when practiced in group, these methods can create sonic entrainment, increasing the creative flow for clarity, confidence, and connectivity. Contact me directly for group or corporate rates.

We'll first meet for a 30-minute complimentary consultation prior to any session to best learn what will best meets your needs.


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Psychosynthesis  60 Minutes


A psychosynthesis session is held in a private, sacred and safe space where you are invited to express from the depths of your heart to freely share the musings of your mind and find guidance toward balance, peace and acceptance. The integration of your mind and spirit may include meditation and other tools for deep introspection and self-discovery so that you may fully and unapologetically embody the person you were born to be.

Kundalini Yoga & Integral Yoga  75 minutes


Yoga guides you toward self-actualization for alignment with your Soul as you foster a deeper awareness of the Self. Consistent practice will create balance between the body and the mind to better manage stress and your moods while healing your nervous system. Yoga isn't just an exercise, it is a healing tool for creating a connection with your body, mind and Soul. It is truly a scientific and systematic approach to experiencing The Divine. 

Meditation 30 Minutes


The mind is marvelous but can also be detrimental, and meditation helps to bring it into balance. There are countless forms of meditation and I can guide you in practicing one that meets your needs and helps you to transcend beyond the limitations of the mind. When practiced regularly, meditation has proven to increase your creativity, focus, tolerance and a greater sense of calm. 

*Times can be increased or decreased to meet your needs. Rates will apply.

Pranayam 30 Minutes


Pranayam is a formulated way to work with and move the universal life force known as Prana or Qi. Focusing on breathing exercises to improve cognition, sleep quality, and lower blood pressure, 

I'll guide you in creating a relationship with your Self through breath, your greatest healer.

*Times can be increased or decreased to meet your needs. Rates will apply.

Sound Therapy

22 minutes

31 Minutes

62 Minutes

Immerse yourself in sacred, healing sounds to reduce stress and anxiety; elevate depressed moods; cleanse emotional and energetic blocks; balance your nervous system; stimulate the glandular system; induce deep relaxation and so much more! Each session begins and ends with a grounding breath meditation.

*Times indicated are for actual playtime; can be increased or decreased. Sessions focus on the use of the gong but may also include Tibetan/crystal bowls, tuning forks, mantra. Contact for rates.